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Blue Howlite, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender Palo Santo and Spray Rose Smudge Stick Bundle

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Blue Howlite- Known to be a calming stone, many use it to relieve stress of all kinds. #rosebuds have a beautiful aroma when ignited! The Sage used here in our shop in locally grown and Organic, we pride ourselves for using and supporting local small business and farmers for all of our supplies. Sage has an earthy natural aroma and is a wonderful tool for refreshing a sacred space. To clear negative or muddled energies from a room or area. Rosemary- Male in nature and ruled by Leo, the element is Fire and the Sun also the Moom depending who you ask. It's sacred to Hebe, Aphrodite and the Vergin Mary. Great for memory and cleansing. The Wild Lavender in these smudge wands will produce calming, peaceful, and sedating effects, making them great to use for meditation or simply for its relaxing aroma.