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Celestial Heart Labradorite Necklace by Elysian Designs

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Celestial Heart Labradorite Necklace by Elysian Designs

Indulge in the celestial beauty of our latest jewelry collection, inspired by the enchanting night sky. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Elysian Designs with a touch of love and a hint of magic, bringing to life the elegance and allure of ancient myths and the stars above.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a stunning pendant, sculpted from clay and adorned with a mesmerizing teardrop labradorite stone. The stainless steel chain adds a modern touch to this timeless piece, making it perfect for any occasion.

Embrace your inner goddess and add a touch of celestial charm to your wardrobe with our Celestial Heart Labradorite Necklace. Shop now and let the stars guide your style.