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Lvnea Perfume

Fire Bathing | Ritual Bath Salts

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A bright, uplifting elemental bath soak designed for those in search of some energy and warmth when feeling chilled, low, or stagnant — or who simply enjoy bright and cheerful scents! In aromatherapy, blood orange is used to elevate the mood while rose gently invites us to welcome self-love and tenderness into ourselves. Pink pepper livens the senses and brings some heat along with ginger, which can also promote blood circulation and bring warmth to the body.

Featured Notes: blood orange · pink pepper · ginger · rose Aspects: bright · citrus · floral 4oz - good for one to two baths. Ingredients: pink himalayan salt crystals, rose petals, and an essential oil blend NATURAL · BOTANICAL · UNISEX ARTISANALLY HANDCRAFTED IN-HOUSE IN SMALL BATCHES