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Forest Bathing | Ritual Bath Salts

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Shinrin Yoku, or "forest bathing", is the practice of taking a leisurely stroll through the forest in order to appease the mind and body by breathing in the compounds released by plants, trees, and the soil below. Originating from Japan, this practice is claimed to have several health benefits such as helping lower blood pressure and heart rate, reducing stress hormone production, boosting immunity, uplifting the mood, and improving overall feelings of well-being. These same constituents released by the trees are mimicked in this coniferous blend of plant oils, making this the perfect soak for those looking to ground themselves, unwind, and connect with the earth's rhythm.

Featured Notes: silver fir · vetiver · black spruce · pine Aspects: fresh · earthy · grounding Ingredients: sea salt, dead sea salt, french green clay, dendritic salt, cedar leaf, and an essential oil blend 4 oz - good for one or two baths. NATURAL · BOTANICAL · UNISEX ARTISANALLY HANDCRAFTED IN-HOUSE