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Galatine sword necklace

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Galatine Sword Necklace

The Galatine sword necklace is a unique and powerful piece of wearable art. Inspired by the ancient symbol of the axe, this necklace is hand fabricated in the Idyllwild, CA studio of Acid Queen. The axe has been a symbol of battle and work since the Neolithic age, and is associated with lightning, water, and fertility in many ancient traditions. It is also seen as a symbol of spiritual penetration and fertilization, as it opens the ground.

The twin-bladed axe is often linked to the Hindu thunderbolt, making it a symbol of celestial illumination. Its shape is also related to the ox, making it a talisman of strength. Each piece of the Galatine sword necklace is hand carved and cast in sterling silver, giving it a unique and darkened look. This necklace measures 2.75 inches and is a bold and powerful statement piece.

Arm yourself with the Battle Axe Necklace and embrace the ancient symbolism and power of the axe. Handcrafted with Acid Queen's signature technique, this necklace is made in small batches and hand finished to ensure its quality and beauty. Whether you wear it as a symbol of strength or as a unique piece of wearable art, the Galatine sword necklace is sure to make a statement.