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Gold Bronze Ankh Earrings

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Gold Bronze Ankh Earrings

Add a touch of strength and confidence to your look with these handmade Gold Bronze Ankh Earrings. The hypoallergenic posts ensure comfort for all wearers, making them perfect for everyday wear.

A note from the designer:

The birth of Acid Queen was adventitious and intuitive. As I sat in my first, make-shift studio surrounded by bones, chains, and charms, I couldn't have predicted where this journey would take me. But thanks to my community, Acid Queen has transformed and grown. You understand the world as I do, and your energy and inspiration fuel my designs.

When you wear Acid Queen jewelry, it becomes a statement of your strength and self-expression. You appreciate the wonder and magic of the world and the beyond, and my designs celebrate our shared fascination with mysticism and illusion. Drawing on ever-changing inspiration, my work evolves with and for you. We elevate each other.

Thank you for joining me in this world and on this journey together.