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Plus Size Velvet Duster Coat by Jack Attackk (only 4x left!)

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You rock, dress like it! This plus size exclusive was designed by Jaclyn Robichaud Doyle of Jack Attackk clothing. Kimberly, co-owner of Nocturne, always dreamed of the perfect velvet duster jacket with edgy details that would fit her plus size frame, but nothing was quite right. Jaclyn was up for the challenge and designed the perfect jacket to project elegance, rock n' roll and gothic glam.

Dress up any outfit this with the perfect velvet jacket that has some stretch without losing beautiful details. The long belled sleeves, delicately pointed collar and matching pockets (which are deep and useful) and the Jack Attackk signature lacing detail on the back make this jacket absolutely unique and stunning!

The jacket is last season and available in limited sizes on a 50% sale. It is not returnable. Please reference the size chart below: 

About the Designer:

Jaclyn Robichaud Doyle (or Jacki as her friends and family know her), is a die-hard emo kid who grew into a rock n’ roll loving, Dr. Marten collecting, compulsive concert-going, fashion obsessed adult. She began cutting up her clothing and sewing it back together as a teen, and with the encouragement of her friends and family, she pursued fashion as a career. As someone who is fascinated by the space in which art and the world converge, fashion design always seemed like the perfect medium with which to play with that space. Taking the elements she saw from the world of alternative music and the subcultures that the music created, she started combining them with her love of couture techniques, and Jack Attackk Clothing as we know it was born.