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Man Of Letters- Roller Perfume by Seance

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Man Of Letters- Roller Perfume by Seance

Run your hand over the mahogany desk, and you`ll feel nicks and scratches that could only have been etched by a man of letters. The desk smells like him. Over no small number of years, the nibs of his fountain pens have carved a patchwork of grooves where the aroma of sturdy wood has married with the scents of pipe smoke and spilled drink. These chambers are no place for the overly sentimental—there`s work to be done and ideas to be committed to paper.

Featured notes: Scotch, mahogany, smoke, leather

10ml glass bottle with stainless steel rollers.

Indulge in the sophisticated and alluring scent of Man Of Letters Roller Perfume by Seance. Inspired by the essence of a true man of letters, this perfume captures the rugged yet refined aroma of scotch, mahogany, smoke, and leather. The 10ml glass bottle with stainless steel rollers makes it easy to apply and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. Add this luxurious scent to your collection and embody the essence of a true man of letters.