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emily bridget taylor

Remedy Poetry Zine

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Each and every copy of Remedy will be hand signed and numbered, out of 200. She was made with the collector’s heart in mind. 

Remedy Reviews:

"Absolutely love the book. It's a real piece of magic. So, so powerful that I feel very emotional reading some of the poems... it feels like a distant memory or dream... it has a way of drawing me in and taking me to a place of deep thought" - Jeremy.

 "Heartache and HOPE bind these pages. Love and honesty carried me as I read them" - Kathryn.

 "Perth's best poet" - Megan.

 "Beautifully written with love and passion" - Georgia.

 "Clear yet sophisticated with STUNNING visuals" - Anya.

 "Tales of heartbreak and resurrection... a book full of hope and the full-bodied taste of alignment with oneself" - Phoebe.



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