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Tarot Della Rocca & Guide | Tarot Milanese | Made in USA

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Tarot Della Rocca & Guide | Tarot Milanese | Made in USA

The Tarot Della Rocca style was born in 1835 when the Milanese printer Ferdinand Gumppenberg commissioned a deck from the artist/engraver Carlo Dellarocca. As the most elegant and refined Italian deck of its time, it quickly became known as i tarocchi sopraffini, the super-fine tarot.

This reproduction represents the cards as they were at the time with minor enhancement to bring the cards colors back to their former glory (in accounting for the fading over the centuries). This deck is in the Marseille style, so it contains the standard 78 cards that we have become accustomed to in modern tarot.

Made in the USA, this Tarot Della Rocca & Guide set is a beautiful and authentic representation of the original Milanese deck. The guide included provides insight into the history and symbolism of each card, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced tarot readers.