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The Spiderweb Cauldron Tote - Hand Painted

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A spider came to help keep your potions warm 🕷️ An oversized everyday tote for potion making on the run! Made from vegan leather and all gunmetal hardware, this exclusive spiderweb cauldron tote is hand painted on one side by Jazzy, the artist behind the brand "The Beheaded", and exclusively sold at Nocturne for spooky season! Each bag comes with a unique and different webbing design, just like spiderwebs in the wild. There is a full sized pocket sleeve in the front and the back of the bag with a magnetic closure, a zippered closure, cell phone and wallet pockets on the inside. The inside lining is 100% Black Cotton.  

Approx. Bag Dimensions- 
Depth 3” 
Length 15” (not including cauldron feet”)
Width 17”