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Mackenzie Myrick

The Full Moon Circus Tea Towel

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Come one, come all, to The Full Moon Circus. The Magnificent Milo eagerly awaits your presence under the Tiny Top on the most splendidly spooky night of the year. Make sure to bring your tickets, which have been carefully hidden under rocks and thistles so as to avoid any unwanted visits from spectral visitors. (You know how the tenth month can be, with ghostly rodents visiting from beyond). Milo will be waiting atop the infamous Jack O’ Lantern to direct you to your seats. But that tent looks too small for any spectacle, you say? Ah, my friend…think again.


Tea towels are both decorative and useful, making them a great addition to any kitchen. *100% White Cotton *28 x 28 inches *Safe to wash, dry, and iron