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Thought Control Candles by ComaVVitch

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If living rent free in someone's head isn't what you're looking for, Thought Control Candles can be used to remove and banish unwanted thoughts from the mind as well. ComaVVitch Thought Control Candles are a great way to put yourself in someone's mind or to add positive thoughts to your own. To use a Thought Control Candle, use the color that corresponds with your intention (see below). Then add your written intention on a small piece of paper, the herbs and taglocks for the target of your spell work, and any other relevant items/ingredients. Then, based on the intention of your spell, you can seal the skull cap with melted wax and  burn the candle, place on your altar, or "make a drop" for those "spicy" spells.

Other Uses for Thought Control Candles:

  • Love Spells - if you want to be "running through someone's mind all day"
  • "Notice Me" Spells - if you want to get the attention of someone for a potential job or role
  • Breaking Free of Addiction and Bad Habits - if you want to remove the mental and emotional bindings for yourself or your target
  • Dream Work - if you would like specific things to occur in the liminal space of sleep (ex. Divination, Ancestor work, etc.)
  • Offering Dish - add Thought Control candle to your altar or sacred space and fill with spiritual offerings
  • Knowledge Retention - if you have trouble with learning and retaining information
  • Death Effigy (Samael, Qayin, Santa Muerte, etc.)
  • Poppet/Effigy for baneful work - if you want to give someone negative thought and overall ruin their day

ComaVVitch Thought Control Candles are available is two sizes: Large (4.5” x 3.5” x 4”) and Small (3.5” x 2.5” x 3”), as well as in a variety of color options to suit your intention.

Colors Available and their intentions: Note: Colors, just as herbs, have both "light" and "dark" correspondences and can be used just as effectively for either.

  • Black: Protection, Warding Negativity, Uncrossing/Removing Hexes, Lunar Work, Meditation, Binding, Banishing, Hexing/Cursing, Creating Discord, Death Work, Necromancy, Elemental (Earth), Void/Erebus/Darkness
  • White: Purification, Lunar Work, Devotional Work, Protection, Peace, Warding, Death Work, Necromancy, Elemental (Air), Celestial, General substitute for most intentions
  • Pink: Love, Romance, Self-Love, Friendship, Compassion, Peace, Harmony

Thought Control Candles are hand-pour and made of soy wax.

*WARNING* Please do not leave burning candles unattended and keep out of reach of pets and children. Please clear area of all flammable materials prior to use. Only use in a properly ventilated area and/or with an open window. Please use common sense when it comes to fire safety.