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Mackenzie Myrick

Toil and Trouble Tea Towel

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All kinds of concoctions will be bubbling and brewing in your kitchen, with the help of this potion-making cat. Story Behind the Drawing The house atop Black Cat Hill has been vacant for as long as anyone can remember. Or so everyone thought. Apparently, the witch’s cat, Mistress Meow (who still has 7 lives to go) learned much about sorcery from her late owner and is practicing potion-making in the laboratory. Beware venturing into the house, for the cat carries a Skeleton Key on her hat and can lock any door instantly with the wave of her paw — all from the comfort of her favorite chair.

Tea towels are both decorative and useful, making them a great addition to any kitchen. *100% White Cotton *28 x 28 inches *Safe to wash, dry, and iron