About Us

For centuries, artists have been inspired by the night; Chopin composed symphonies, Peter Paul Rubens painted the light flowing from the shadows, Van Gogh’s Starry Night exploded on canvas, Patti Smith sang about lovers in the night, and Anne Rice wrote of monsters who moved about in the darkness while still longing for a glimpse of the sun. Nocturne is a retail experience with a careful blend of contemporary, traditional, and whimsical aesthetics creating an inspiring atmosphere to relax, shop and explore. Nocturne features small-batch artisans of many different disciplines, exclusive designs, and a collection of vintage and antique goods that celebrate eccentricity and romance with edge.

Nocturne was founded by Kimberly Gibson Hill and Michael Hill in 2022, inspired by their lifelong love of Salem, alt-fashion, home décor and the arts. Nocturne is not part of a scene; rather, we are an eclectic and whimsical boutique celebrating Salem’s rich history and our magical world of artists and tradespeople. 

Commercial for Nocturne