• The Library

    Nocturne's latest addition is a beautifully adorned Victorian Gothic library packed with timeless literature, antiques, and inviting ambiance. Explore our book collection, snap a stunning photo, or shop virtually!

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  • Candles & Incense

    Setting an intention and lighting a candle or incense brings comfort like no other. Our collection is crafted by exclusive artists and local practitioners with skill and care. Explore our expanding selection.

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  • Perfumes

    Nocturne's perfume assortment features rich scents from various small-scale perfumeries, prioritizing natural ethereal aromas that evoke a sense of nostalgia, beauty, and witchy charm. Each perfume in Nocturne's collection is carefully curated by our team to offer unique and authentic scents.

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  • Apothecary

    Explore the deep mind-body connection with our carefully chosen natural apothecary products, bath & body treatments, skin & hair products, wellness elixirs, and essences. Crafted by local practitioners and wellness professionals nationwide, you'll discover the ideal solutions for your personal well-being.

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  • Jewelry

    Our jewelry collection elegantly showcases unique talismans, estate pieces, and exquisite jewelry by skilled artisans. We prioritize small batch craftsmen to maintain the exclusivity cherished by our clientele.

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  • Three Handed Candelabra - Nocturne LLC

    Home Decor

    Explore household essentials with a mysterious and eccentric touch, discover unique artwork and uncover practical gems for your living space. Nocturne carefully curates refined essentials and gothic treasures to make your home uniquely you.

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  • Apparel & Accessories

    An artfully assembled assortment of impactful items showcasing Nocturne's exclusive tees. A blend of dark academia and gothic aesthetics intertwined with a hint of ethereal fairy enchantment. These exquisite details bring a touch of romance and whimsy to your personal style.

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  • Antiques

    If you seek to adorn your surroundings with pieces that have a story to tell, look no further than our meticulously curated vintage and antique collection by owners Kimberly and Michael Hill. Exemplifying a blend of ethereal charm and gothic elegance, each piece exudes a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. Sourced locally and globally, our ever evolving vintage collection is always on display.

    The collection is on sale but currently only offered in store. Interested buyers should reach out to info@nocturnesalem.com