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*Coming Soon* The Salem Ring by Luna Lux

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Coming Soon: The Salem Ring by Luna Lux

Step into the enchanting world of Nocturne with our stunning Salem Ring by Luna Lux. Meticulously crafted from sterling silver, sized to fit, and accented with Luna Lux's signature touch of macabre elegance, this exquisite piece embodies the dark romanticism of Witch City and the essence of Nocturne's elegant vintage goth aesthetic.

It is the perfect accessory for those seeking a touch of gothic sophistication and a keepsake from Salem, Massachusetts. This collaboration with Luna Lux is inspired by our captivating logo created by the talented Salem-based artist Dana Glover. The design features a large Victorian Gothic lantern glowing with dripping candles that invite onlookers to enter, unwind, and stay for a spell. ✨🕯️✨

Preorders will be available soon, so be sure to click the 'notify me' button and stay informed on the release date. Mid-June will bring more details on the presale and our lead time. Your overwhelming interest in this design is greatly appreciated, and we can't wait to share more information with you!