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Artemisia Nocturna Mugwort Oil

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 Prophet, Dreamer, Seer, Witch. Artemisia Vulgaris, known as common Mugwort, is truly anything but common. The reigning queen in my personal apothecary, this gifted plant’s uses are far and wide. Her ancient roots are entwined in the ceremonial burning & smoking of the aromatic leaves, which were also a dependable ingredient in the famed Witch’s Flying Oils. Categorized as an herb of the moon, Mugwort is the lunar goddess who slinks through the dark & shadows. Mugwort transcends, lifting us to an astral plane and promoting calm yet lucid dreaming. She shines here medicinally as a potent dream weaver, but her psychic abilities are also unmatched. Harvested & infused under a full moon, and decanted after a full lunar cycle, this oil has power.

This anointing oil can (& should) be used both physically and ritualistically. Formulated with cold-pressed Sunflower Seed oil & Mugwort lovingly tended in my personal garden, this fragrant oil is versatile. It can be applied to tired skin & sore muscles, or it can be used as a personal fragrance totem. It can be applied to temples prior to sleep to promote lucid dreaming and astral projection. It can be used to anoint & cleanse stones, scrying mirrors, intention candles, talismans, and more. Use this oil as a powerful divination tool in practice, or as a luscious body oil.

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (Sunflower Seed Oil), *Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort leaf).  *Denotes home grown or wildcrafted

Meet the Herbalist - Gate & Garden 

Stephanie Hardie, the sole proprietor of Gate & Garden based in Weymouth, MA, brings a lifetime of commitment to the earth and a unique blend of expertise to her company. Utilizing a fusion of intuitive mysticism, astrological influences, and thorough research, Gate & Garden offers an exceptional combination of whimsical and analytical perspectives. Stephanie holds a BS in Mental Health Counseling & Holistic Psychology, an MS in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and both formal and experiential training in herbalism. Through an integrative and comprehensive approach, Gate & Garden strives to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative methods for achieving optimal health.

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