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Shined Brass Hand Paper Clip

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This beautiful Antique Victorian-style solid brass large paper clip is a great decoration for your working table or even for the kitchen. It is sturdy enough to keep your important papers in place. You can also attach it to a wall and it is strong enough to hold tea towels or small art pieces. 

Specs Material: 3x2 Brass  / Made with the Cire Perdue Brass Casting Method/ All FERN's solid brass items are made with the intricate wax casting process that has a rich history. The method used to craft this process is entirely handmade and was known long ago. The French call it Cire Perdue - which stands for a process used in metal casting that consists of making a wax model, coating it with clay to form a mould, heating until the wax melts, and runs out of small holes left in the mould, and then pouring metal into the space left vacant.