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Burial Bloom Magic Mist ~ (Fresh Lilies) by Graveyard Wanders

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Let this scent take you to your favorite place - the foot of a tombstone surrounded by a bouquet of fragrant Lilies & Green Leaves emerging from graveyard soil. Floral & fresh, its lively aroma creates an atmosphere of hopeful beginnings.

Use it in 3 different ways, to match your mood

🥀 As your personal perfume, for daily moody vibes.
⚰️ On your linens before bed, for peaceful sleep.
🪦 A spritz to freshen up a room, for the ultimate experience.


Scent profile :

Floral • Fresh
A bouquet of fragrant lilies & green leaves emerging from graveyard soil. Its lively aroma creates an atmosphere of new & hopeful beginnings.


Handmade with :

✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance
✺ Skin Safe Perfumers Ingredients
✺ 1800s Floral Funerary Card Inspired Label