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Reading After Midnight - Reading Card Bookmarks for Book Logging

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Reading After Midnight - Reading Card Bookmarks for Book Logging

Introducing our newest product, the Reading After Midnight reading cards! These unique bookmarks, designed by Yellow Canary Books & Stationary, not only mark your place in your current read, but also feature spaces to log your recent reads. With two designs available, both featuring a gloomy nocturnal street lit by lantern light, these bookmarks are perfect for setting the mood for spooky reading at night or any time at all. After all, it's always midnight in our hearts.

But these bookmarks aren't just for marking your place. They also serve as a fun way to track your reading progress. Use the 'Book of the Year' card to rank your monthly reads and select your ultimate book of the year. And with the 'Starred Book Log' card, you can easily log all your reads and rate them using a 5-star system. Keep track of your reading journey in a creative and organized way with our Reading After Midnight reading cards.

Don't miss out on this must-have item for any book lover. Get your hands on these artful and functional bookmarks today and elevate your reading experience. Shop now at Nocturne Salem and add a touch of dark academia to your reading routine.