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Datura Essence

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As bright & vibrant as the moon, Datura inoxia is a visually stunning variety of Datura with large, upward facing, white to light purple trumpet blooms. As a flower that blooms in the night, it is often referred to as 'moonflower', the bells stretching up to meet the lunar deity that calls them. Datura innoxia has an intoxicating & euphoric scent unlike anything else that is sweet, heady, and sultry. This Datura variety is native to warmer, arid climates and as such, is carefully loved & cared for in my poison garden.

Datura essence is strong yet gentle energy; a grandmother who can give a comforting, warm embrace yet will hit an offense with a crack of a wooden spoon. Datura is an excellent ally through shadow work, holding our hand as we wade through ancestral trauma. Well suited for unpacking & healing emotional wounds, Datura is kind & caring.

2-3 drops on the tongue up to 2x daily.

Ingredients: Cane alcohol, filtered water, Mother essence of *Datura innoxia (Datura flowers), *Denotes home grown or wildcrafted

*Essences are not medicinal extracts, but rather a capturing of a plant's energetic qualities. They are diluted lunar or solar infusions preserved in a stock bottle with alcohol. Developed in the 1900's they are true mind-body medicines as low-dose homeopathic internal remedies intended for emotional work, spiritual cleansing, communications, or ritual. Essences are a safe way to interact with toxic botanicals.*