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Hekate Devotional Candle by Chthonic Star

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6″ devotional candle hand crafted and painted by Summer Star, a practitioner of Full Cycle Witchcraft and Chthonic Grounding based in Salem, this candle is more than just a decorative piece - it is a powerful tool for manifestation and intention setting.

Made from 100% beeswax, this candle is not only visually striking, but also environmentally friendly. The organic hemp wicks ensure a clean and long-lasting burn, while the vegan and non-toxic dye make it safe for both you and the planet. Each candle is carefully crafted with intention and infused with positive energy, making it the perfect addition to any ritual or meditation practice.

Embrace the power of the Chthonic Star and bring a touch of magic into your home with the Skull of Skulls Candle. Available now at Nocturne Salem, your go-to destination for all things mystical and enchanting.