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Killer Fashion by Jennifer Wright

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A beautifully illustrated book about deadly fashion-real historical stories of strangulation by scarves, neckbreaking high heels, and riot-causing top hats-from the author of the popular histories Get Well Soon and It Ended Badly Isadora Duncan was Red Put on a scarf; popped off her head Fashion is silly, thought Stein It may tear your head from your spine A darkly comic book about some surprisingly lethal garments. Featuring stories like the untimely demise of dancer Isadora Duncan caused by her signature red scarf and the bloody riot that greeted the appearance of the first top hat, among many others, these bite-size accounts will frighten and delight. Killer Fashion includes over twenty of these short tales along with beautiful full-page illustrations. Both morbid and humorous, this book will appeal to fans of Edward Gorey and dark historical trivia.