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Midnight Magic: A Tarot Deck of Mushrooms

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Midnight Magic: A Tarot Deck of Mushrooms

Experience the enchanting world of Midnight Magic, where the timeless themes and symbols of the traditional Rider Waite tarot are reimagined through ethereal illustrations of beautiful forest fungi. This exquisite tarot deck features 78 unique card designs, each one inspired by the mysterious and powerful realm of mushrooms.

Created by renowned artist and nature lover Sara Richard, these cards capture the essence of traditional tarot archetypes, from the regal Fly Agaric as the Emperor to the spirited Chicken of the Woods as the Fool. Immerse yourself in the hidden magic and wonder of the woods with this exclusive deck, imbued with rich symbolism and natural beauty.

Whether you are an avid mushroom seeker or seeking to infuse your tarot practice with an earthy touch, this deck is a must-have for any collector of fine and extraordinary treasures. Explore the depths of the forest and unlock the secrets of the tarot with Midnight Magic: A Tarot Deck of Mushrooms.

Get your hands on this unique and captivating deck today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and mystical revelations. Order now at