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Mystic Woods Ritual Bath by Chthonic Star

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Introducing the Mystic Woods Ritual Bath by Chthonic Star, a must-have product for any practitioner of Full Cycle Witchcraft and Chthonic Grounding. Made by Summer Star, a Salem based expert in the craft, this bath blend is designed to enhance your spiritual practice and connect you with the mystical energies of the woods.

At Chthonic Star, we believe in using only the best and most natural ingredients in our products. That's why our bath blends and oils are made with organic fractionated coconut oil and pure essential oils. We never use artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances, ensuring a truly authentic and powerful experience.

Each bottle comes with a back label description, providing you with all the information you need to use the product safely and effectively. Please note that our products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing.

Unlike other bath blends on the market, we never use cheap fillers such as dendritic salt or epsom salt. Instead, we focus on using high-quality ingredients that will truly enhance your ritual experience. And to top it off, each bottle comes with a muslin bag for easy use.