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Onyx Twig Ring by Hellhound Jewelry (Size 9)

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Onyx Twig Ring by Hellhound Jewelry (Size 9)

This unique and striking ring is a tribute to the beauty and strength of the forest. Crafted by Hellhound Jewelry, it is a symbol of the cycle of life and death that exists within the natural world. The ring is made from reworked castings of real pine twigs, collected from the Pine Barrens. Each twig is carefully selected and transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

The ring features a stunning onyx stone, adding a touch of darkness and mystery to the design. The deep black color of the stone is a perfect contrast to the natural texture and shape of the twigs. The size 9 ring is a statement piece that will add a touch of nature and edge to any outfit.

Wearing this Onyx Twig Ring is a way to connect with the power and energy of the forest, and to honor the beauty of nature. It is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates unique and meaningful jewelry. Add this piece to your collection and carry a piece of the forest with you wherever you go.