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Poetry Of Emily Dickinson (Arcturus Ornate Classics)

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by Emily Dickinson This elegant hardback edition presents Emily Dickinson's best loved poetry, featuring a silver-embossed cover design, gilded page edges and beautiful patterned endpapers. A deeply personal collection of poetry, the raw emotion and mastery of Emily Dickinson's poems cannot be denied. Her unique style, with its short lines, unusual punctuation and succinct nature, is quite unlike anything else. This collection of over 250 poems feature a range of subject matters, from love and death to beauty, isolation and the nature of time. There is something for everyone in this selection of poetry from one of America's most accomplished writers. Includes: • 'Hope is the thing with feathers' • 'Because I could not stop for Death' • 'Success is counted sweetest' • 'Wild Nights- Wild Nights!' Pub Date: 2023 Format: Embossed Hardback Pages: 192 / Gilded Size: 6.50 x 4.10 x 1.18 inches ISBN: 9781398829909