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The Antiquarian Collection - The Forage Field Journal

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Indulge in the beauty of nature with our latest addition to The Antiquarian Collection - The Forage Field Journal. This pocket-sized journal is the perfect companion for your foraging adventures, now available in a stunning green color.

Each page of this undated journal is thoughtfully arranged into 'trips,' making it easy for you to record your foraging experiences. From the location and date to habitat information, specimens found, recipes, and miscellaneous notes, this journal has got you covered.

The Forage Field Journal features a 120gsm printed notebook with 208 ivory pages, providing ample space for you to document your foraging journey. We have also updated the foraging log and added 3 dot grid pages for any additional notes you may want to jot down.

Please note that we still have a limited stock of our brown forage journals, but they will soon be discontinued.