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Shop the Collection: Yamasden Fine Art Prints

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Art Prints Collection by Yamasden

Sienna Langone is an artist for the dark at heart. Born and raised in New Hampshire, she graduated from New Hampshire Institute of Art with a major in illustration and minor in fine art.

Her inspirations are nature, New England's haunted lore, as well as biblical imagery and Dutch vanitas paintings. Her craft bends the real and surreal; a dreary but enchanting showcase of mortality using dried, dead flowers against rendered oil paintings.

The process of adhering the flowers has become a cathartic release of emotions and feelings being mourned and laid to rest one last time. Her work aims to invoke a melancholia and tender warmth to the fragility of life and cruelness of death.

The calmness in her subjects, whether of animals or humans, reflects on beauty with touches of morbidity. Shrouded in transformation and rebirth, her art is the veil between the beautiful and unusual, the macabre and the ethereal: an illustrator of life and death.

Explore the unique and hauntingly beautiful world of Yamasden through her Art Prints Collection. Each piece is a stunning blend of nature, mythology, and mortality, capturing the delicate balance between life and death. Add a touch of melancholy and enchantment to your home with these captivating prints.

Shop now at and bring a piece of Yamasden's dark and alluring art into your life.